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6 years ago

Is the Enterprise Vault 11_CH5 Outlook Add In compatable with EV10.0.4 Server


We are trying to get our Windows 10/Outlook 2016 build working with our EV10.0.4 server. It appears to install the add in but when we double click on shortcuts it first open the shortcut with a banner at the top saying somthing like "There was an error loading this item - some functionality may not be available" then about a second later the email appears again, this time it has been retreived from the Vault.

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  • Hello,

    The add-in in general supports 1 version up, 1 down. Addin 11 supports EV10, 11 and 12

    The issue you face is with Outlook 2016. I am not sure the EV11 addin supports that Outlook version, check compatibility guide to be sure.

    If you use Outlook 'click-to-run', then you need the addin of 12.4 release. That might not work against your ev10 however.