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16 years ago

Journaling task runs but doesn't vault anything.



We are using Enterprise Vault 2007 v7.5. We set up a journaling mailbox but its not being vaulted. I already created a new task, a new policy, a new journal mailbox(both on exchange and in evadmin). I made a new vaultstore. Before creating the new ones I cleaned up the queues related to the journaling so that I was sure that he would use the new once that are created. Everything looks fine for as far as I can see. There are a couple of errors in the tracelog mainly


"The queue .\private$\Enterprise Vault Archive Agent Admin Queue is already open.|It is likely that another process is running and will be processing the Nack messages placed on this queue.|This Nack Handler will now terminate, as it is redundant.  No additional action is necessary."


that I find suspicious. There is no queue forming in the private queues. Tasks are all running and syncronizing gives an afermative reply.

I added a tracelog that ran for 30 minutes under the Journal archiving issues trace category.



It would be lovely if any of you guys could help me out.


Thanks in advance,




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