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14 years ago

master ev server used in shortcuts



We have 4 x EV9 servers. 2 are oldev9servers servers, target ex2003 and are slow. 2 target exchange 2010 and are much quicker (ev9newservers).

After we move users from ex2003 to ex2010 they are picked up in a new provisioning group and archiving continues using the 2 x new EV servers....

However any web shortcuts in the archived message still utilise the olevserver alias in the servername. Is there any way to change these shortcuts so its using the new ev9 server alias in any url shortcuts? As its v.v.slow retrieving items through this evserver.

Or is this because oldev9server is the directory master in the site?

If so do we need to migrate the role somehow to the newev9server?