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  • You can use 'Move Archive', which is built in to the product, or you can use third party tools such as Archive Shuttle (there are others)

  • Archive Shuttle, TransVault, export to PST import to PST, EV Move Archive.

    I recommend Archive Shuttle for medium/large environment, EV Move Archive for small environment.

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    Thanks you for reply, we can use Move archive for two different exchange environment with two different versions and also in same forest.

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  • Can we move archive from EV 9.0.4 to EV 10.0.4?

    And Exchange servers version can be different?




  • Enterprise Vault Move Archive Feature Overview

    Article:TECH129236  |  Created: 2010-01-26  |  Updated: 2014-06-03  |  Article URL

    check this out but keep in mind that move archive was designed for very small quantities of archives and data to be moved. if you have a large environment it would be worth your time to look into true migration tools.