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12 years ago

Microsoft Jan'13 patches breaks OWA plugin

Hello all,
We are running Enterprise Vault 10.0.1, and Exchange 2010 SP2 (UR5-v2 applied)

We applied Windows patches for this month (Jan 2013) and noticed that EV buttons for OWA were gone.

We tried reinstalling OWA Extension, but that did not resolve the issue. So, we ended up uninstalling following patches from CAS server:
KB2736418 (.NET FW patch)
KB2742598 (.NET FW patch)
KB2756920 (.NET FW patch)
KB2757638 (XML Core services patch)

After uninstalling these, everything is back to normal.

My question is, what would I need to do on CAS server after applying above patches so that OWA plugin works?

Thank you,

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  • If you strongly suspect that the patches are breaking OWA...  then I'd do a combination of:


    a/ See if it is ONE of the patches, or only when all are applied, that OWA is broken

    b/ Contact Symantec Support ASAP.

  • what error were you getting?

    i will try this in my lab and get back to you with the results.

  • i'm running Exchange 2010 SP2 UR5-v2 with EV 10 SP2. i installed the updates one-by-one in the order you listed them. i then checked OWA after every patch install (after reboots) and everything still works. my suggestion to you is to reinstall the patches 1 by 1, following with OWA testing after each patch. if it does break, enable logging in the web.config file and look for errors.

  • Andrew,

    Thanks for checking. I followed Rob's suggestion to figure out exactly which patch is causing the issue and found that applying patch KB2756920 breaks OWA plugin.

    I did collect logs as you mentioned and I have case opened with Symantec.


  • did you enable logging in web.config? what's the error you're getting? you can attach the log file here if you want.

  • It's also interesting that the two of you are seeing different behaviour.

    One is broken.

    One is okay.


    Very odd.

  • Hi there, I have the Issue that after applying the Exchange fix no more Archiving occurs.

    I have opened a new thread for this.