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11 months ago

Migrate two EV sites to one Site with two separate domains

I have a client with two separate domains and EV sites.

They now want to migrate the EV Users\Archives from Domain B to the EV server in Domain A but the exchange servers will stay as is in domain B.

I did find this article

Will this work, and will I be able to use the move archive task or will it be best export and import the archives.

Basic steps:

- Check two-way trust between the two domains

- Provide destination service accounts send-as/receive-as permission on source Exchange server

- Configure EV with new Exchange servers and provisioning

- Enable mailbox archiving on destination EV (test users)

- Disable archiving on mailbox that is intended to move from Source domain

 - Start move archive task  to move the archive from EV source to EV destination

- enable SyncInMigration mode registry key  -- Will this be required?

- Test user account that has been moved

- Check shortcuts in users Archive\Mailbox

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