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6 years ago

Migrating to Office 365- manager want me to stop Enterprise Vault from archiving

My company is early in the process of moving from Enterprise Vault ( to Office 365.  My manager wants me to discontinue  archiving  e-mail  messages. 

Will disabling the Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task be enough, or do I need to take other steps such as disabling each mail box.

By doing either of these steps will that prevent the end users from accessing their archived messages in Outlook or using the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in. 

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  • Closing the partition will stop all archiving without impacting the users

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      I would:

      Set the archiving tasks in report mode, restart them.

      Clear the site-schedule (as mentioned before).

      On the Provisioning Groups, clear the checkmark "Archive Mailboxes in this Provisioning Group". when done, run provisioning, sync the mailboxes from the task(s).

      I would not close partitions, unless you are 110% sure there are no pending items in mailboxes.

      I would then discuss how to get the archives back into the users mailboxes :-)