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15 years ago

MigratorApplyArchivePermOnNewFolders key is ignored


one of our customer does not want folders created by PST migration to inherit the Outlook mailbox permissions.
Therefore he created the reg key MigratorApplyArchivePermOnNewFolders and set it to 1.
He uses EVPM to migrate the PST files.

In his environment this key does only work when the users Outlook is opened during migration. When Outlook is closed the new folders do inherit the share-permissions of the root folder.
In my lab the key does never work.
Environment of my lab:
EV 8.0.3
Outlook 2007

I did a Dtrace but there is nothing I can see. EV seems to realize the presence of the key:
CMigrator::GetAgentsRegistrySettings|Agents registry settings|MigratorApplyArchivePermOnNewFolders: 1

But it seems to be ignored.

Any ideas?


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