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12 years ago

Missing Enterprise vault TAB in Outlook 2010



I am missing the Enterprise vault TAB in outlook.


This is the log file:

09/01/2013 13:41:38.727[5160][H]: Log file created (level 1).

09/01/2013 13:41:38.728[5160][H]: Loaded UI Language Path: c:\program files\enterprise vault\evclient\languages\en

09/01/2013 13:41:38.730[5160][H]: Loaded Help Language Path: c:\program files\enterprise vault\evclient\languages\en

09/01/2013 13:41:38.732[5160][H]: Module path: C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\Valkyrie.dll

09/01/2013 13:41:38.733[5160][H]: No language resource module was loaded, the default English resources in Valkyrie.dll will be used

09/01/2013 13:41:38.735[5160][H]: RPC over HTTP is not enabled (flags = 0)

09/01/2013 13:41:38.737[5160][H]: A std::exception has been caught: Attempting to use a Non-Exchange message store

09/01/2013 13:41:40.862[5160][H]: FUI: Not loading UI as action map is empty.  Is the user enabled?

09/01/2013 13:41:41.927[5160][H]: IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames("MessageClass") failed, error 80020006


The cause is that we disable the use of Outlook cached exchange mode by the windows policy, setting this key


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Cached Mode

Dword: Enable

Value: 1


We set this key to prevent the creating of an OST file in outlook

Why is it that vault doesn't load up and how can this be changed.



Windows 7 / Outlook 2010 SP1

Enterprise Vault version 10 sp1 client



  • Remember: In Office 2013 you can no longer have PSTs as the default delivery location.  So in order to prepare for the future, if that's what you've got setup, then unset-it-up :)

    I think you have the registry key slightly the wrong way around too.


    It should surely be:

    Enabled = 0, to disable the cached mode?


    Have you got a screenshot of the Outlook Profile showing the message stores?  The screen with lots of tabs, starting E-mail, and then list of Email accounts.  Is Microsoft Exchange the first one?  Is it set to default?


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