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7 years ago

Move Enterprise Vault Cluster to new AD Domain

Dear All,

I am in the pase for Cross forest Domain Migration. There is an Enterprise Vault server in cluster which also needs to be moved to new AD domain. I have seen whitepaper which talks about domain rename for EV , but its for standalone EV. I am not able to find much details for Clustered Ev Instance.

Below is my Plan of moving to new AD:



  • Migrate Existing EV Cluster to the Standalone New VM in the same Domain
  • Decommission the Cluster Ev
  • Test Ev functionality
  • Follow the domain rename process for the new EV VM
  • Migrate the Standalone Ev to New Cluster in new domain
  • Integrate cross forest Exchange with NEW EV environment


If there is any other better and easy way of doing this please let me know