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15 years ago

Move EnterprisVault, SQL and filer to a different domain in the same forest

Hi everyone,

We'll need to move the Enterprise Vault environment to a centralized solution, which will be implemented in one of the domains in the forest. All domains in the forest trust each other.

The current solution is based on the following:
1. Users domain called The domain contains the user accounts of the users.
2. Resources domain called
The resources domain contains the following:
Exchange 2003 server (that hosts the mailboxes of the users);
Enterprise Vault 8 SP2 (archives the mailboxes hosted on the exchange server)
SQL Server 2005 used by the EV server
NetApp filer that contains the vault stores of the EV. The partitions are set as “Network Shares”.
3. Domain The domain contains the following at the moment:
Exchange 2007 Server (where the mailboxes from the Exchange 2003 server will be moved)

The plan is to move the archiving solution from the domain to the domain The mailbox moves can be performed before or after the server migrations, so it’s not a big issue. My questions are the following:

Q1 If we move the filer to the new_domain, the filer will be accessible as (instead of How can we update the existing partitions to point to the new path?
Q2 Are there some articles or best practices that we could use to perform the SQL server move to the new_domain?
Q3 How can we move the EV server to the new_domain? We plan to keep the same service account for EV.

Are there some articles that could guide us on performing this step?

Thank you in advance!
Olivian Retezan

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  • just my opinion but i would suggest calling professional services or a consultation company, these moves are too complex for forum posts
  • I considered the Professional Services as a last resort. I would like to hear if someone had a similar experience or know best practices.