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7 years ago

Move EV to new domain

Hello Folks

would like to know if anyone has successfully tried EV Server migration tool in below scenario

have Standalone EV setup (archiving tasks) in domain A/Forest A with another seperate Index server (index volume size = 2TBs)

SQL 2008R2 on seperate server with 3TBs EV databases size.

planning to move above setup to the Domain B/Forest B.

Have gone through veritas article for renaming EV setup to the Domain B/Forest B and this is understood.


However would like to know if we can use EV server migration utility to achieve it. we can place same disk path/ev data path to the new servers in Domain B/Forest B. Also we have forest trust all the time so VSA (source domain) can also be used in target domain.


anyone has ever tried server migration tool



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  • About a million years ago when I worked as an EV consultant at Symantec I wrote a white paper on migrating EV to a new domain. I have attached it here. I can also help with 3rd party options to do this.
  • Hello DGO,

    The document describing how to move EV to a new domain is the one you need to follow. That will take care the functionality stays intact. (service account, connections permissions etc.

    If then you want to use server migration wizard to move to new hardware (or new EV version), you can do this in the new domain.

    Greetz. GJ


  • The migration tool will not do any of the updating of the pointers from the old domain to the new domain.  Follow the article to move the domain.