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16 years ago

Move the emails from TDP Backup to EV

We have our exchange backup done by IBM TDP client. Now we wants to move all the backup emails to Enterprise Vault.What is the bestway to do that ? We would like to have all the backup emails into one mailbox and archive that mailbox. Thank you.

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  • Could you explain what IBM TDP Client actually is and does?

    Is it just traditional backup?



  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail 5.5.0: Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server, referred to as Data Protection for Exchange, provides online backups and restores of Microsoft Exchange Server storage groups to Tivoli Storage Manager storage. Data Protection for Exchange provides a connection between an Exchange Server and a Tivoli Storage Manager server which allows Exchange data to be protected and managed by Tivoli Storage Manager. Data Protection for Exchange communicates with Tivoli Storage Manager using the Tivoli Storage Manager Application Program Interface (API) and with the Exchange Server using the Exchange API. This Legacy backup is the traditional backup method provided by previous releases of Data Protection for Exchange.


    The challenge what we have is moving those backup to EV. It would be better is there is a utility that can read directly from the backup and move those emails to one mailbox and we can archive that mailbox with EV. Thank you. 

  • We have something called the "EDB Importer" which may is what you are seeking for.


    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with IBM Tivoli, and don't know if you can restore EDB Files.


    You may want to have a chat with our Daniel Maiworm or Peter Kozak.

    daniel.maiworm (at)

    peter.kozak (at)




  • Thank you very much for your help. I will look into your website.Thanks.