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17 years ago

Moving FSA server

We are in the process of moving FSA server to another. Can anyone help on how to move placehoder from one FSA server to another in EV 6.0 SP4?
If i enable FSAbackupmode and then move all placeholder to new server (either by copy or backup and restore)and then add new FSA server as target with same policy associated. Is this will work or is there any other recommendation on this? Any help will be greatly appriciated.

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  • If you move the placeholders then all the data will be recalled and then the placeholders will be reacreated so if you have a lot of data then you really do not want to recall all of your data.
    There is a data mover utility in version 7 to move placeholders correctly without recalling all of the data. In version 7 this is only supported on NTFS partitions and not netapp filers.
    So I would recommend upgrading to V7 SP2 which is the latest version and then reading up on the FSA data mover utility,