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8 years ago

Multiple duplicates of archived Exchange 2013 contacts

We are running EV for Exchange version 11.0.1 and recently had to export the contacts of a departed user. When we exported the contact we notices that the number of items was a really large number, just for contacts. When we looked at the contacts in EV we found that there were hundreds of copies of each contact in the folder. Has anyone ever seen this issue?

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  • Hi there,

    It is very likely that the user had the contact duplicates before they got archived. I don't see how EV would create duplicate items.

  • Are more duplicates still being created for active mailbox archiving?

    Do you have any third party applications creating search folders in the mailbox?


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      Normally we only archive email but, we recently started archiving the entire mailbox for users that have departed from the company. We have a zero day policy and it only seem to happen on the users that are run against the policy. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the policy.