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11 months ago

Need to programmatically restore saved EV shortcuts saved as MSG files


Employee drags their outlook ev shortcut onto their desktop.  This naturally saves the EV shortcut as an MSG file.

The employee files these msg files into our document management system.

Other colleagues can not open the MSG files or see the attachments, because the MSG is an EV shortcut and only the message owner has access.

I wrote a script to retrieve new MSG files saved into the document management system and I can easily identify the message class.   What I can not pull is the archiveID or the savesetID.   Some folks said to try redemption, I engaged Redemption / outlook spy and they could not retrieve the archived or saveset ID.

I need the extended mapi parameters or some method to extract this archiveID/Saveset ID to enable me to retrieve the original email and replace the EV shortcut msg.  (I call this rehydrating). 

I'm surprised EV API does not have a command to help me with this...

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  • Hello Tawasiel,
    I don't know if this helps

    $outlook = New-Object -comobject outlook.application
    Get-ChildItem "C:\email.msg" |
    ForEach-Object {
    $msg = $outlook.Session.OpenSharedItem($_.FullName)

    I Got this

    This message has been archived. View the original item <https://ev/EnterpriseVault/Search/htmlview.aspx?VaultId=15F17EE51CE3E5247AE0329346FD051FD1110000EXCHEVARQ01&SavesetId=202212292277733~202209281219420000~Z~10162392

    I have the original item url in the shortcut.

    Good luck