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7 years ago

New items awaiting backup or replication - error 41008

I'm getting the above error in the VAC and have a question on how to clear this. It looks like EV hadn't been backed up for a while and so we've recreated the backup exec jobs to do this which now should be all fine.

My question is that when I checked all the vault store partitions for secured and unsecured items, the total is massively less than what is reported in the 41008 error.

For the example, the 41008 error reports over 500,000 items awaiting backup or replication, but when I look through the vault store partitions (at the 'backup' tab) I can only count about 65,000 items across ALL the partitions in ALL the vault stores? 

Why is there a difference here please?

Also, I have run the backups now and the backup tab for each partition shows as all items secured now. When I re-run the checks the 410008 error is still there but now shows 65,000 items less (eg on 435,000 items are awaiting backup or replication.

How can I clear down the remaining items and where are they?

thanks in advance


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  • Hello,

    If you look at the usage report, what does that say?

    login as VSA, open IE, enter http://localhost/enterprisevault/usage.asp

    That shows the numbers also. Are you sure the new backup job has cleared all archive bits? I know that it can take a while before the number match up again. You can try to set and clear backup mode on the Vault Store(s) to trigger the process again. If you are unsure about the archivebit, you might want to do an attrib -a *.* /s on the Vault store partition(s) after you have set them in backup mode! Then clear backup mode. Eventually, the count should go down.

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      Hi Gertjan

      We're using Backup Exec with triggers files - the usage.asp shows the same as the 41008 error.

      Should I change the partition backups to look for the archive bit instead of trigger files - I assume the BUE would have been changing the archive bit as well as creating the securepartition file, but I thought the securepartition file would have been enough.

      I'm not sure what the backup issues were with the server but I think the backup server itself may have had a rebuild so perhaps it was an problem that occured at that time.


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        Make sure the backupmode is set correctly and the jon has no warnings.
        Also check the created date of your trigger should npt be older then today.

        Also backup exec usually works wirh archiv bot.maybe consoder changing that