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9 years ago

New Podcast Available - The Benefits of using eDiscovery Platform Transparent Predictive Coding

I’m pleased to announce our third II TEC podcast is now available; “Episode 3 - The Benefits of using eDiscovery Platform Transparent Predictive Coding”

In this episode, Liam Finn (II TEC eDP TFE) talks to Andre Steyn about eDiscovery Platform Transparent Predictive Coding. This podcast is approximately 12 minutes long. The audio is a little squelchy in places but it’s packed full of interesting insights into using TPC, so please forgive us for the audio quality this time!

II TEC Podcasts released to date are:

• 21st July 2016 - Episode 3 - The Benefits of using eDiscovery Platform Transparent Predictive Coding (13 mins)
o In this episode, II TEC’s Technical Field Enablement eDiscovery expert Liam Finn talks to Andre Steyn about the benefits of using Veritas eDiscovery Platform’s Transparent Predictive Coding features

• 17th July 2016 – Episode 2 – An eDiscovery Platform Customer Story (5 mins)
o For this episode, Andre Steyn (one of our II TEC Instructors) took the opportunity to interview one of his eDiscovery Platform students about their use of eDP in their 300,000 user organisation.

• 13th July 2016 – Episode 1 – Enterprise Vault SMTP Archiving vs. Exchange Journaling (9 mins)
o In this episode, we talk about the SMTP archiving features of Enterprise Vault, and look at the benefits of using SMTP archiving rather than the old method of Exchange Journaling

If you are not already subscribed to the feed, please subscribe using the steps below, and tell your colleagues. We hope to get more II podcasts out on a regular basis. Please let us know what you think of these podcasts (be gentle with us, we’re still learning how to do them!) and let us have suggestions about what you’d like us to cover in future episodes. Email me ( direct with your thoughts/suggestions).

We don’t have this published via the iTunes Store so to subscribe to the RSS feed, do the following…

1. Open iTunes (or your Podcast App of choice!)
2. Click File > Subscribe to Podcast… (or equivalent in your App)
3. Enter this url

That should be it. Happy listening.

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