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Newbie EV Question

We are looking strictly for an email archive system and like the features of EV, but am wondering what kind of compression ratio there is, if any, when you take it out from Exchange and put it into EV?  Is 100MB in Exchange a 100MB in EV?
Also, what exactly does the EV server vs the SQL server do?
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  • As a general rule, the item is compressed to half of it's original size and then 5K for added metadata.  A shortcut is entered into Exchange as a pointer to the real archived content, on average being 2 to 4K.  The real benefit with EV is the ability to share an archived message.  For example, let's say I have a 10 MB message that is sent to 50 end-users.  All 50 end-users want to have that item archived, therefore the item is archived and the resulting saveset is 5 MB's.  Add approximately 5K worth of metadata for each user and add an extra 250K worth of Metadata for very nice space savings.
    EV and SQL are completely different, not sure what you are asking?
  • Thanks for the size answer.
    To clarify the EV and SQL question, I mean what are their roles in the EV archiving system?  I assume the SQL stores all the data and the EV server processes the extraction of messages from exchange and is responsible for handling searches?
    I guess I am just not understanding the architecture well, even after reading a few of the posts here and the documentation I've found.  Other products I've looked at have just used the Journalling feature in exchange combined with mailbox management/retension policies whereas EV leaves a link to the archived item in the folder the message existed in, which is what I am looking for.
    Perhaps you can direct me to some info specifically about how EV performs this Exchange email archving?