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10 years ago

No valid licence key installed EV 5.0

We have had KVS Vault running for years to archive our external mail (all external mail is copied to a mailbox which is then archived into the vault and deleted from the mailbox).

A few weeks ago, it stopped archiving (i.e. the mail was not copied to the vault and wasn't being deleted from the mailbox). I wasn't able to find a solution but for whatever reason it started working again on it's own after a few days of me poking about and cleared down the outstanding mail. A two weeks ago it stopped again but this time it didn't restart and the mailbox is curently at about 8GB and growing daily.

This was all set up before I started working here so I've been looking through to see how it is set up and how it works. I have noticed that there is a service called Enterprise Vault Archiving Service for <server name> which is set to automatic but wasn't running. When I started it, it stopped immediately saying there was nothing for it to do. Later I was looking through the event logs and noticed the Archive Service was giving two errors.

1. There is no valid licence key installed. The Archiving Service will not run until you install a licence key; and

2. The Archiving service for <server name> could not be started due to startup errors.

Reading through the admin help, it looks like we are running in demo mode (ie. restore but no archiving) though I can't see anything to say this for sure.

The admin help also referred to a licence key file called keys_computername.txt which I found by searching the hard drive and it appears to be in the correct location. Nothing in this licence seemed to refer to any sort of expiry date and has the word permenant in it. I have restarted the Server a few times and restarted the Enterprise Vault Admin Service which is supposed to install the licence key but nothing changed. I did note though that once the licence key is installed there should be a folder called Installed Licences but I have searched for this and it doesn't seem to exist.



  • As I said above, I think you might have to bring someone in to look at it and figure out what is going on.  EV 5 is way past support so I doubt contactin Symantec Support directly will get you anywhere.

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