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16 years ago

One user has got issues with OWA Buttons



one of our customers has got EV EV2007 SP4 with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and OWA.

Everything is fine, except of one user. This user does only see the EV-Buttons in OWA when he is in the "sent items" folder. In any other folder there are no EV-Buttons visible.


In his Outlook there is everything fine. All buttons are visible.

We tried already to zap his mailbox, but that didn't work.

Of course we also deleted the IE-cache.

The user tried to access OWA from different machines, that also didn't work.


Someone any ideas?






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  • Sounds like there is something wrong with the mailbox itself since it is not affecting anyone else. Do you have multiple Exchange Information Stores? Have you tried moving the mailbox to a new store? Also consider moving it to a different server if that is practical. The move mailbox wizard might alert you to any problems with the mailbox itself and re-creating the mailbox in this way may fix the problem. You could also try creating a new mailbox for the user.
  • Hi

    we moved the Mailbox within the mailboxstore.

    Now the archive-option is available on the directories on the left side.

    But when I chose a directory (except of the "sent items" nothing changed: no EV-icons.


    Any ideas?



  • Does he actually have anything archived? When you click on Archive Explorer what does it show?