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16 years ago

Opening archived message in Outlook only show EV shortcut content - OWA works fine




EV2007SP3 - Outlook Add-in SP3




Current Issue:


When opening archived mails in Outlook, only the EV shortcut content is shown, not the real mail content.

When I open the same mail via the OWA interface, everything is working fine.

Using the 'View the original item' link via the shortcuts in Outlook is also working fine.


Dtraces and IIS logs are not showing special errors.


As a test, I stopped all services on the EV server and retried to open an archived mail via outlook and OWA.

Normally this should create a banner message saying that 'This message is currently not available', not?


Result via OWA:

Shortcut content is shown with the expected banner telling you that the message is not available.

Result via Outlook client:

Shortcut content is shown without any banner message saying that the message is not available.

... Strange, not? 



Has anyone similar experiences?

Solution? Suggestion?


Thanks for any quick respons ... I am still at the customers' site for a few hours ...







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  • Rudy,


    Have you checked the client log?  

     in your temp directory (start - run, type: %temp% and select OK) look for th ev_client_log_[timestamp].log


    you may need to increase the loggin level.


    in Outlook:  press & hold: CTRL + SHIFT and click any EV icon on the toolbar.  Change log level to minimum (or maximum) tracing and restart outlook. 


    Try selecting the message again and then check the log



  • Hi Rudy


    check/change the policy

    show content: in the mailbox policy, tab shortcut content set "show content"



    Did you install the forms correctly? Do you see the black icon representing a shortcut?



  • Hi,


    Thanks for the replies!


    In the meantime I checked some other things ...


    I think there must be a problem with the EV shortcuts in the mailboxes. (Why , I don't know ... yet ...)


    When I open a mail in Outlook via the link "View the original item" then the mail comes up in a new window via the 'viewmessage.asp' page.  This is the way it should, of course ...


    Now, when I copy this url in a new internet explorer window and replace 'Viewmessage.asp' with 'Download.asp' (because this is what an EV shortcut should use when opening archived mails) then the mail  can be retrieved in a standard MAPI Outlook window (... just like the way it should appear by double-clicking it via the Outlook client ...)


    So, it seems that the shortcuts got corrupted in such a way that the 'download.asp' page can not be used anymore from within Outlook. The saveset parameters should all be Ok though, as retrieving the item via the entire url link in an internet explorer window works fine.


    I am a regular implementor of EV, but this behaviour is totally new to me ...










  • I assume you already tried the resetevclient thing?


    Is this behaviour on all clients, or just on a particular one?

    Were there any changes in the environment?