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19 years ago

opening up archived attachments

I'd appreciate any help with this.

We have users who itnermitenly complain about not being able to open up archived attachments...everything seems fine (permisions, reinstalled ev client on their machines, etc...) but its still a no go... whats going on? what am i missing?

We're running EV 5.0 sp5 for Exchange 5.5 on WIN2K3 enterprise

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  • I would do a client trace on the users who has issues and go through the trace and see what errors pop up.

    From the users workstation, hold down Ctrl + Shift and click on one of the EV buttons, the client trace popup will come up. Turn on maximum logging and close the window. Then recreate the error, then go back into the trace and open the log.
  • remember to set it back to no logging when you're done, or you'll kill your system disk in a month and not know why. ;)

    Really tho, post the error or the log so we can get in to the guts of the problem.

  • What version of OL? Citrix involved? What OS for the users?

    When it occurs is it all users or just a few?