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14 years ago

Outlook 2010 Add-In

I just had an issue with a client not being able to install the Outlook Add-In.  Their Outlook version was 14.0.5128.5000 where as a previous Outlook 2010 on another client machine was a slightly lower version (I assume a few Office updates less) and it worked fine.  I have had to download the entire 9.0.2 image for Enterprise Vault just to extract the small Outlook Add-In.  Is this not available as a seperate download anywhere for our client to get themselves?





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  • nope, clients are always available through the full install, unless that is you are downloading a hotfix client

  • I think this is a very valid point - the obvious "suggestion" to Symantec from this is:

    Can you make a "client only" download available.

    The other thing to note from this is - what error did you get when it failed to install?
    If there there really is a problem installing recent versions of the vault client on OL2010 due to more recent Outlook / Office patches, then (IMHO) a lot of peoeple are going to want to know about that and easily find the resolution (assuming this is it).

    Bizzarely - just went to the file connect site, clicked on the list of available products,  expanded "Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.0", and below this it shows:

    "International English 9.0.3" !

    I wasn't aware version 9.0.3 had been released? - is that version correct?


  • Indeed, the latest E-Vault version as posted on the list of available products shows "International English 9.0.3"; however, FileConnect only offers 9.0 through 9.0.2 to download. Is there any other way to obtain the latest version from Symantec?