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9 years ago

Outlook (2010) VBA - Enterprise Vault 11 Copy and Unvault emails to PST or Exchange


I created the attached VBA outlook script (module1 & module2) that copy and unvault emails from default mailbox to pst or exchange mailbox .

Script is based on

Script working with Enterprise Vault 11 (10 has issues) and you must disable Enterprise Vault offline cache.

Since script create duplicate emails , every time you re run the macro , after complete the script sucesfully , you could run the second macro Outlook LookForDuplicates (vba script). To install import files ( mdlLaunch.bas & frmOLLookForDups.frm). Script  will check only mail folder with name export .

 How to use:

  1. Import all the attached file from VB Outlook Editor
  2. Create a pst file with name export.
  3. Script will export all emails from Primary Mailbox folders Inbox and Sent ( and sub  folders too - 9 levels deep).
  4. First run macro  with name "RUN". 

    Check immediate window for debug messages.

    1. You can re run the script in case of missed emails.
    2. When finished you want run macro with name LaunchOLLookForDups.

Thank you

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