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2 years ago

Partition Roll Over

I'm trying to roll over a closed Partition, should the partition remain in the closed state or Ready State?

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  • Back to basics.

    If you manually roll over partitions, you need to monitor the storage used by the partition. If you roll over per time-slot (month/year), then also keep an eye on storage ;-). It might go faster than you think. To be able to roll over, you need a READY partition. At the time where you set that READY to OPEN, EV will automatically set the old partition to CLOSED. If you have expiry running (and thus create space on closed partitions), you might be able to re-use the old partitions again. If you want to re-use, set it to Ready. You can then either set the roll-over to ocurr automatic (based on free space/age), or do it manually. 

  • Hi Checker
    It depends what you want to do
    Partition rollover when the are closed (automatically or manually).

    If you set the partition to ready it can be used again when another partition closes.

    It logical to leave the partition closed
  • in other words.

    Only on partition can be opened (active)

    Ready means the partition can be rolled to.

    Closed means the partition will not be written to again.