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10 years ago

Problem with manual exchange archiving, store/restore


Manual Store and Restore does not work anymore in our environment. I get an error popup saying: "Could not process the selected items. Reason: A server error has occured." when selecting a mail and clicking "Store" or "Restore" in EV Outlook addin.

There are no errors in event log at the client side nor server side. It has worked before, not sure when it stopped working, but we have recently upgraded Exchange to CU8, that is the only change on the system since I know it worked last time. Everything else seems to be working fine regarding EV and archiving. I can doubleclick an archived mail and it opens up fine in full view. I can browse and search Archive explorer. Same problem for all users.


single EV 10.0.4 CHF3 on W2k8 server

Exchange 2013 CU8 on W2k8 servers

Outlook 2013 with EV addin on clients.


I am kind of lost since i can't find any traces of the error in event logs. Can't find much on google either.

Appreciate any help. Thanks. 

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  • Hello,

    This might indicate your EV partitions are full. Do you have an open partition on EV?

    I would also look on the EV server, task-manager, performance, look at the 'handles'.

    A EV server reboot might help. (if all else fails, reboot :-) )

    To be able to isolate the problem, does your scheduled archiving work?

    To be able to troubleshoot, you could on a client enable full logging, and look at that as first start. See: for steps.

    You might also need to do a dtrace on the ev-server, in the VAC, select the EV-server, click Tools, Advanced Features. Then refresh. You should see a 3rd line (under Services and Tasks, called Traces)

    Create new trace, select either mailbox archivnig issuess or Restoring and retrieval issues, enable, run, then recreate problem. Then probably that dtrace will shed some light. If that does not assist, open a case at Support.

    Good luck.

  • Hi GertjanA,

    The open EV partiton has 932GB free so there is plenty of space.

    Scheduled archiving works as designed.

    CPU is 1-2%, memory 82%, processes 161, Threads 6112, Handles ~88000. How does that sound?

    Actually i haven't rebooted the system yet. Will give it a try later today.