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9 years ago

PST Export doesn´t export all items


we need to export all items from a folder inclusive subfolders of a user.

For this we run the Export archives to PST Wizard and select the correct folder. 

When we start the export we get only 40 Folders with some Mails, but the original Folder has more then 100, Report says it´s all OK. 


Then we start a PST Export over Outlook and here we got no problems all 100 Folders are in the PST File. 

Unfortunately we cannot use that File cause the Mails already been archived, so we must use the export Wizard in EVault. 


Thanks in advance

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  • Are the folders definitely in EV and are they populated?
    EV will not export folders that are empty
    So if there are no items in there, those folders simply wont be created, as folders are only created when items exist in them etc