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6 years ago

PST Migration User Home Drive

Dear Community


I'm currently implementing an enterprise vault solution for a customer. the last point is the pst migraiton and im currently a bit stuck so i hope you can answer my questions. Currently we are planning for a user driven migration but maybe i have to chance to another way. So questions are:

1. How can i just migrate connected psts? I would like to migrate all outlook openeded psts to the correct archive, but so far i just found a way to find all pst on a computer no matter if they are opened in outlook or not. 

2. The users have a networkfolder home drive, which is the mainly store of the psts. I would like to ignore all paths beside this home drive. But i'm not able to define that. I have created includes and excludes for the drive. (The home drive is connected on H:). So i tried H: as well with an environmentvariable. Is this even possible to get psts by a client driven migration from a network home drive. 


I hope you understand my questions and i'm allready thankfull for any response.

Kind Regards

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  • Hello Sebastian,

    I assume you implement 12.3 at this customer? doing a 'client driven' migration should pick up the connected PST's. It's been a while since I did this, so I might be off a bit, but here goes:

    Create a PST Migration Policy, on tab Migration, select to "Allow PST Submission" Don't bother about the Search Paths. Select what and where you want shortcuts, and what you want to do with PST's after migration. Check the Desktop Policy, I believe there are some values there which you need too (intervals for checks). You might want to create a seperate Desktop policy also.

    Create a new Provisioning Group, make sure that is above the 'default' group. Make sure you have the specific PST Migration policy (and possibly the Desktop policy defined in this new PG). Assign a few "IT Friendly" users to this group. Run provisioning (in report mode if you want to check, normal if you are confident). Verify the provisioning report to see if the users indeed have the new policy applied. SYNC the mailboxes from the archiving tasks.

    Have your group of users close and open Outlook after the sync. They should then be able to indicate which PST to migrate.

    In EV Console, click Personal Store Management. The client driven migration should show after a while the users you enabled, and the PST's found. In the Client Driven section, you have to enable the mailboxes for Client Driven Migration.

    Also see Client_driven_migrations for specific configuration, hints and tips on how to use and configure it.

    Good luck!