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10 years ago

Question around Moving Archived Data on File Server

Hi All


EV 11 sp 1 environment 


A  customer is going to be moving all data, archived and unarchived. between two file servers. The File Servers are called Server A (old server ) and Server B ( new server). These are Windows Server 2008 and 2012


So the customer plans to simpy more all data between the two servers using Robocopy, they did a test on some folders and what I noticed is that on Server B all data is copied including Placeholders. The opening of Placeholders also works so obviously the Robocopy command is moving the Offline File, the Placeholders, 

What the customer plans to do is copy all data between the two File Servers and then simply remane Server B to the same name as Server A. 

How would this effect FSA as I assume if the Archive Points are copied ( alternative data stream - ADS ) then when the File Server is renamed will  EV still continue to see the Server B as  Server A as the names are the same?


I want to avoid a situation where EV creates duplicate Archive Points when it starts retargeting Server B but would it do this if the File Server names are now the same?


I hope this makes sense :)


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  • Hi Rahul

    I'm not sure if this article is relevant or if  I am asking the question  in the right way

    My question is not about how to migrate placeholders, my question is about Archive Points


     - If the customers moves all data using Robocopy ( and that includes the Placeholder ) and that includes the the Archive Point ( which is a EVArchivePoint.xml hidden stream ) and changes the File Server name will we get duplicate archive points ?

    So we have the File Server added in Targets in the VAC but that File is going to be decommissioned and a new File Server installed with the same name, same LUNS and the same data on it which will inlcude archive and normal data

    Now EV will see the new server in Targets ( whoich has the same name as the previous File Server )but when we start archiving we want to avoid duplicate archives being created