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13 years ago

quota mailbox user full after archive


i need to know why user quota mailbox full after EV start archive the item. is it because i am setting the wrong policy ?


thank you


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  • can you tell us a little more about your archiving policy?

  • for archiving policy,we set as "age quota" for 3 month, we disable the archiving strategy base on quota because we dont want the item get archive if the quota reach it limits. is there any logs that can help to get the policy infomation that you need ?




  • I really don't understand what your saying, you have disabled archiving now??

    If the mailboxes aren't shrinking in size it could be because pending items are being changed to shortcuts.  This can happen if you are not backing up the Vault Store partitions.

    Also, what is your shortcut strategy?

    You could just post screen shots of your archive policy and short settings.

  • We need to see the Archive Actions tab as well.  Hopefully it is checked to delete the item after archiving.

  • You able to run a report mode archive on the user specfied and that should give you a summary of what needs to be archived and the size of hes mailbox.

    Also since you are not creating shortcuts in the users mailbox have you confirmed if there are any items older than 2 weeks in the users mailbox?

    Alternatively for users that are reaching their quota create and additinal provisioning group and apply quota and aged based for the specified users.