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9 years ago

Recover deleted items failing - what DTrace to use?

Hello, I am trying to recover deleted items from a Vault - EV 11.0.1

Archive properties indicate Number of Items Marked For Deletion - recover items, so I initiate

Next is 'Your request has been queued etc etc' followed by 'there has been an eror in processing your request: Reason - The operation identifier is not valid'

Nothing in the EV Application event log, so its DTrace time. I've no idea what to target though for this kind of scenario


Any ideas on what DTrace components I need to include?


cheers all

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  • Hello Jah,

    I'm shooting in the dark here, but I would start with StorageRestore, Shoppingservice, RetrievalTask and perhaps w3wp

    Your best bet would be to raise a case to support, they should be able to advise.

    Good luck.