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Remove Failed EV servers from the EV configuration

Hi All

I am at a customer to plan and upgrade from EV 10 to EV 11 where they have 3 EV servers. Planning to use the server migration Wizard to move to new Windows 2012 R2 servers. However in the EV configuration they also have two EV index servers which were configured to help with rebuilding journal indexs in an Index group. However it turns out these were just switched off without uninstalling EV. Hence they are still in in EV configuration.

Am I right in thinking that the server migration wizard will fail as it cannot conect to the old servers.

How do I remove these failed / dead servers cleanly from the EV configuration before running the Migration Wizard.

Is there a tech article about doing this as I cannot find it.





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  • Here is the article on removing an EV server. If you can power the two missing servers on, even just temporarily for the duration of those steps, it should work as that article describes.

    If the servers are gone forever and can't be contacted, you're probably going to need to modify the database to remove them. You'll need to call in a Support case for help with that.



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      Thanks guys

      Yes I had asked if they have the servers available or restorable from backups but not confirmed yet

      We will have to reset the computer account to re add it to the domain if they have a backup, but it might work.

      It sounds like it will have to be a support call I think.

      I will update when we get round to performing the removal


  • Hello,

    Set backup mode on indexes and vault stores. backup databases fully. make sure the backup is a succes. Then use as Starting Point below article.

    If that does not work, you can try the below at your own risk! Backup databases! (repeat).

    Open the computerentry table and note down the computerentry id of the EV server that needs to be removed.
    Delete the rows in TaskControllerServiceEntry, StorageServiceEntry, ShoppingServiceEntry and IndexingServiceEntry table where the computerentryid is the same as of the EV server that needs to be removed.
    Example sql statement-
    Delete from shoppingserviceentry where computerentryid = '21F5721AABB777C41BBAC6072CDB6777F1410000EVserver'
    If you are unable to remove the row in IndexingServiceEntry table, then open VAC and assign a different EV server under the default indexing service in EV server properties.
    Finally delete the server from the VAC.