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8 years ago

Removing and adding services


We have a single enterprise vault server but for some reason, the tasks and services are split between two aliases of the same server. so alias one handles tasks (services shown as hosted) and alias two handles services.

This is an historical set up, must have been done for a reason but can't see how. Before we upgrade to 9, we would like to consolidate the set up so it is using just one server.

So I would need to delete the tasks on alias 2 and add them in alias 1, but i can't just delete the tasks as there is still data attached to it. Does this mean I have to delete the index before deleting the service?

What happens when  I want to re-create the task on alias 1


Any help gratefully recvd.


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  • These are Exchange Mailbox Archiving tasks, I take it?  That, and a provisioning task?

    These tasks can safely be deleted without any worry of data loss, as long as the following private queues related to that task in MSMQ are drained (For the archiving tasks):  a1, a2, and a4.  The rest, as far as messages go, don't really matter.

    Just stop the tasks, delete them from that alias, and then add them to the alias with the services.  Make sure you've noted the EV service mailbox attached to each archiving task so you can specify them when you make your tasks on the correct alias, but that's all you need to do, really.

    Once you've successfully created the tasks on the alias you want and the other alias is clear of tasks/services, you should be able to right-click on that EV server and delete it altogether. 

    I definitely wouldn't go the other route of moving services, because THOSE are the items with data associated to them.  You'd have to re-associate indexes, vault stores, etc. that are tied to the services, and that's a much more involved process.

    Best of luck!



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      We want to remove the services from alias 2 and add those to alias 1 (which already has the tasks)


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        Okay... you mentioned deleting tasks in the first post, so I suppose I got a bit confused.

        You're doing it the hard way, moving services instead of tasks, because as you mentioned, there's data directories associated with the services.  As far as deleting that data goes, I would HIGHLY recommend AGAINST doing that.  Indexes can be rebuilt, but it takes forever and users cannot search in the meantime.  It's a bad idea.

        There's also the Vault Stores associated with the storage service, the storage queue, the index metadata path... it's just not nearly as easy as moving tasks.

        I would recommend switching the aliases so that the instance you want to move to (alias1) has the services instead of the tasks.  You can do it like this:

        1. Open up the SQL instance with the EV databases in SQL Server Management Studio
        2. Expand the tables in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database and find the ComputerEntry table.
        3. Right-click on the ComputerEntry table and select 'Edit Top 200 rows'.  You should 2 rows, one for each instance.
        4. Locate the aliases in the ComputerName column.  Edit each entry, switching the aliases.  Make sure to click outside of the row you're editing to commit the change.
        5. Refresh the Vault Admin Console on the EV server.  You should now see Alias1 with the services and Alias2 with the tasks.  Now you can move the tasks and not bother with the services.