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  • What I got so far


    SELECT A.ArchiveName,
        P.PartitionRootPath+'\'+ cast(datepart(year,ArchivedDate)as char(4))+'\'+
          right(cast(datepart(month,ArchivedDate)+100 as char(3)),2)+'-'+
          right(cast(datepart(day,ArchivedDate)+100 as char(3)),2)+'\'+
          left(right(IdTransaction,len(IdTransaction)-1),3) AS Path,
        REPLACE(IdTransaction, '-', '' )+('.DVS') as DVSfile
    FROM EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.archive A
        INNER JOIN EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ROOT R
        ON A.RootIdentity = R.RootIdentity
        INNER JOIN EVVSVaultStore_1.dbo.ArchivePoint AP
        ON R.VaultEntryId = AP.ArchivePointId
        INNER JOIN EVVSVaultStore_1.dbo.Saveset S
        ON AP.ArchivePointIdentity = S.ArchivePointIdentity
        INNER JOIN EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.PartitionEntry P
        ON S.IdPartition = P.IdPartition
            AND A.ArchiveName = 'My Archive Name'

    For exemple I got this output:

    | ArchiveName     | Path                                                                      | DVSfile                              |
    | --------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------ |
    | My Archive Name | M:\evstore\ptn03\Enterprise Vault Stores\VaultStore Ptn3\2013\11-27\B\028 | B02843D0A52045EF5CECF218640CC8F1.DVS |

    So I search the filesystem looking for the files:

     Get-ChildItem "M:\evstore\ptn03\Enterprise Vault Stores\VaultStore Ptn3\2013\11-27\B\028\B02843D0A52045EF5CECF218640CC8F1*.dvs*"
        Directory: M:\evstore\ptn03\Enterprise Vault Stores\VaultStore Ptn3\2013\11-27\B\028
    Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    ----                -------------     ------ ----                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    -a---        27-11-2013     16:40       7738 B02843D0A52045EF5CECF218640CC8F1.DVS                                                                                                                                                                          
    -a---        27-11-2013     16:40      12627 B02843D0A52045EF5CECF218640CC8F1~4B~9A48F4B0~00~1.DVSSP  

    The item has 2 dvs* files, can we search the sql to find reference for this files?



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      Hello again,

      Nice one! 

      The 2 files are (as you know) belonging to the same item. I think you need to focus on the name of the DVS file (in your case B02843D0A52045EF5CECF218640CC8F1. 

      I have no clue if the DVSSP (and possible DVSSC) file have SQL references, and if so, where. I'd be interested to learn if you can find them.