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16 years ago

Restore Current Basket

Our customers are utilizing the Search page via http://vaultalias/EnterpriseVault/search.asp?advanced which is a widely posted link in the company. Not through Outlook. Is there a way to customize the search.asp or related files so that the server and mailbox alias don't have to be entered when you go to restore basket? We have some customers that say they never had to enter this information before. The only recent change is the installation of SP5.

From the EV Help Documentation
…When you restore items, you only need to complete the Microsoft Exchange Server computer and mailbox alias if you have not started the web access application from Microsoft Outlook. Otherwise, these details are completed for you.

  • Would be nice to have but it's not going to happen.

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  • Yes there is a way but you need to remember the following:

    A) It will then not be supported.
    B) Every time you upgrade you will loose your changes.

  • Wayne,
    There was a customization in place and it was overwritten with SP5 however, nobody here seems to have documentation for it. Can you tell me how it's done or direct me to a guide of some sort?
  • There is no guide.

    To be honest mate, it depends on what you wanna do. it could be in different places dependent on what you doing.  If you understand asp, then by all means go ahead and change it, but if you cannot figure out where or what needs to change, you better off not playing with it.
  • What I want to do is make it so the users don't have to enter their Exchange sever and mailbox alias in order to restore from the basket. If someone else on this forum has done it, maybe they can chime in.
  • So you only have 1 exchange server? how you going to add the mailbox alias without extensive code to query locally who is logged onto the box and find out his MBXAlias?
  • Wayne,
    In your first reply to my post you said yes there is a way to do what I asked. I just want to clarify that you meant in theory that it could be done and you did not mean you know how to do it or know someone who has done it.
  • Yes, to modifying the page. Yes it has been done, but no to finding out which exchange server a user belongs to and populating that with the current users DN too. Most of the times when these pages are modified are due to cosmetics. And as I said, anything is wrong with the webapp and you wont have support.
  • Would be nice to have but it's not going to happen.