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16 years ago

Restoring from basket takes ages/not happening


When I goto 'vaultsitealias.domain.extention/enterprisevault/search.asp' I can create a basket, perform a search, put item in basket fine.

When selecting to restore item to a subfolder of the 'restored items' folder, it takes about 25 minutes to restore from my own archive to the folder. Item to restore is 1 year old, and only 10k in size. The item has to come from 2nd line storage (retrieve cabfile unpack etc), but this used to be really quick.


I also have access to someone elses archive, and when trying to restore an item from there to the same location (and I assume it goes to MY Outlook\restored items folder, it is in 'restoring' state for over 2 hours, and still nothing happening. I checked the EV-server, the 2nd line storage, but do not seem to see anything special. I checked msmq on my vaultserver and on the vaultserver where the other archive is located, but msmsq is not showing anything either. I tried checking iis-logs, but did not see anything special either (i think)

Anyone an idea what to check/try next? IISRESET on the machines?



ps. EV2007SP2, W2003SP2 EntEd (sp2 recently applied), Exch2003SP1, XPSP2, Outlook2003SP3

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  • @GertjanA:

    Any reason you havent applied the most recent service pack for EV?  I wonder if it will fix your issues

    If that doesnt work, you might setup a DTRACE on ShoppingService, RetrievalTask, and maybe StorageRestore, StorageServer (dont know if the last two will help, but worth a shot). See what the trace comes back with and it just might get ya going.  For help with DTRACE:

  • Hi Gertjan,

    If you look at the properties of the shopping service(s), is the shopping location completely excluded from AV scanning?

    Best Regards,

    Frank Beck

  • Shopping location is excluded.

    I'll do a dtrace, see what is happening



  • Yes, I would DTrace it, too. What is your second line storage? Have you tried to restart the Shopping Service? Does anything get created in the Shopping location? (Filesystem, you can see the path on the Shopping Service Properties) Cheers Michel