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12 years ago

Scanning Multiple PSTs with SCANPST


Guys – I just wanted to share this, it's an old story but I just found something too useful to keep to myself.

I often get asked about how to automatically fix up PSTs when dealing with large numbers of potentially corrupted PST files in a migration project. Quite often these are old format PSTs, you know the pre OL2003 ANSI format ones which have a limit of 2GB before they break (although quite often this would be sooner). The standard answer is that the only to fix PSTs is to use then standard MS tool SCANPST.EXE , this can often fix up a broken PST (although not always). However, there’s never been an easy way to run this against multiple PSTs as part of a batch process,  it’s always been a question of running it manually.

But someone pointed me to which has an approach you might want to look at if you ever have the problem/need to scan multiple PST files. I’ll add a disclaimer that I’ve not yes tested or tried using the tools mentioned but felt it was too interesting not to share so at the very least go and grab the information & tools and save them for a rainy day, you might well be grateful one day.