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5 years ago

search all mailboxes and consequences...



Using EV 11 -
we have a requirement to search all archived email - we do not have the other EV applications to do this hence trying to a put in place a workaround.
have found the articles allowing assignment of the Read permission via EVPM to all archives. 
was then going to use the search web interface to search all out 10000+ archived mailboxes for nominated text.
a few thoughts - 
is this realistic ?
as this is a one off search requirement - how do I remove the permissions  assigned above vai the EVPM ? - as currently unable to see how to do this ?
is the a better  way ( without spending money ) to achieve the requirement ?
thank you


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  • Hello Martin, 

    this is not going to help you if you ask me. The new EV Search that came with with EV 11 only allows searching through one archive at the time. I am not sure about the old search feature but I believe its basically the same. 

    So even if you assign the proper permission to all archives you need to search through them one by one. I cannot think of an alternative that wont bring any costs.

    However, removing the permissions can be achieved using EVPM as well but keep in mind that you can break things if you remove permissions to archives that cannot be resynced afterwards. 

    How to remove all permissions from an archive using Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM) 




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      I used to get this question all the time. I think it changed in EV 11 also. The answer may depend if the archives are using the 32 bit indexing engine or x64. In the old model search.asp was configured to be able to search all archives you had permission to (IIRC) but would cap that to 1000 by default I think. There were other limits but it was possible to tweak the config to allow for more and ultimately use it (within teh capibilities of your EV server) for what you are seeking. Personally, I never encouraged this as it was bad practice and in most instances, the customer really needed Discovery Acceleartor and a different approach, but if there were one off uses that Admin's had I would make an exception and try to get it to work. I do not know if the same is possible in x64 indexes or not but I know everything changed at that point.

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        thank you for your replies Marcde and Prone2Typos - my understanding from your replies - we need to use the tool for the job - discovery accelator - cheers -  much appreciated