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6 years ago

Search in Enterprise Vault 12.3

We don't own discovery accellerator, but I need to perform a search for items in an archive. I remember in older versions you could add Search?Advanced onto the URL to get to the advanced search. Here I could find all items and add them to a basket. Once all items were added to a basket I could export them to a PST all at once.

Does this existing in 12.3? I see the basic and advanced search, but I don't seem to be able to export bulk items without highlighting them all first (which is taking for ever). Can I easily export all items found from a given query?


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  • Sorry for the late reply, but yes you can do this in EV 12, just not in EV Search. You need to use the Export-EVArchive cmdlet in the EV Management Shell. Use the -SearchString parameter to supply the search query you want, and specify "PST" for the -Format parameter.



    Export-EVArchive -ArchiveId 1DE5EA73FEBC737458C7F38AFD7D8706B1110000evserver1.EV.LOCAL -Format PST -SearchString "Black Dog" -OutputDirectory c:\temp\PSTExport


    Full help on the Export-EVArchive cmdlet: