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7 years ago

Server transfer and upgrade

Hi All,

In order to get our Evault System up to the latest version 12 from version 11. We are going to be completing a server transfer and upgrade.

Migrating onto a server 2012 r2 server from 2008 r2 as well as raising to a 2014 version of SQL.

I am wondering if there is a test transfer that we can set up on the new server which would leave us at a point where when we went live all that was left was to copy the db and a data partition and start the services.

Any advise is much appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Can you be more specific about what you mean by "test transfer?"

    If you mean what I think you do, the problem I would anticipate is that you're going to need to do a simultaneous hardware refresh and upgrade. If it was just a same-version hardware refresh, you could install the binaries first and copy over the data/databases later, so long as the locations matched or were properly edited.

    That might still be an option given your upgrade scenario, but it would essentially force you to have two outage windows, one to copy the DB and Partitions onto your new environment with installed EV11 (provided your hardware and software meets compatibility for EV11 and 12) and the second to do an upgrade to EV12 thereafter.