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14 years ago

Setup additional servers for exchange archiving

Hi guys,   Hope you can help me on this. I have setup a EV site with a single EV server running 9.0.2 and have successfully archived a few mailboxes on 2 Exchange servers running 2010 in a DAG. T...
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    14 years ago

    So the process to add an EV server is pretty straightforward.  When you run the configuration you will point it to the directory of the first EV server.  It will install the basic services and you will just need to add the task when you are ready to add the other Exchange Servers.

    One note, this server will need it's own Index and Vault Store locations, you don't want to use Storage and Indexing of the other EV server.  You will want this new EV server to have its own Storage and Index service with its own storage location.  If it doesn't then the first EV server will be the bottleneck.

    How many Exchange servers do you have?  How many users?