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16 years ago

Shortcut Deletion for Migration Strategy

Bit of background.


Moving from EV6.0 sp4 to 7.5 sp3 (seperate sites and directories).


Migration strategy is to stop any new archive runs on v6.0. Export users to pst and set shortcut deletion to 0 days. My question is this tho, if the archiving task is set to 'disabled' will the shortcut deletion task still run at the time set in site properties?


And yes, I know this is a long winded way of doing the migration, but trust me, there is reasons for it!

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  • Shortcut deletion will not work if Archiving Task is disabled. We still need to make a mapi connection to exchange server.
  • So if I dont want to archive anymore items (which i dont) but do want to remove shortcuts I have to run the archive task?

    Could be me but that seems like a bit of a flaw! So may have to adjust an archive policy to be say, 10 years then set shortcut retention to 0 days to remove them?

  • We just need to have the archive task in the running state. Just go to archive task schedule and set it to Never. This would mean, task is in running state but not in archiving state. It only goes into archving state when in the archving window. You can set Shortcut Deletion time at the shortcut deletion tab in Archiving task properties.

  • Try searching for Redemption or MAPI33, which are VB/C# Wrapped MAPI libraries.

    With a bit of programming skills you should be able to achieve what you want.




  • create a new regsitry value under the following hive:

    HKCU\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Client

    Dword: DeleteHiddneMsgBtnVisible

    Value: 1


    Go to outlook, open Help-> About Enterprise Vault-> Tech Info


    Select the message class and delete it.


    Re-enabling usermailbox should recreate this message class.


    Hope this helps.

  • Just in case anyone wonders:


    It has a typo, it is: DeleteHiddenMsgBtnVisible

    (Just in case anyone is copy-pasting it into the registry ;) )


    But I don't think this will help, because it's a per-user thing.

    He want's to do it on all mailboxes, I suspect.


    Oh, and I have not been able to do this with Shortcuts?




  • I had to think of a workaround for this.

    Basically, I created a new provisioning group for users I was migrating with a shortcut deletion policy of 1 day for deletion.

    Migrate the user, add them to the provisioning group, set the deletion reg key and restart the archive task.


    Then import pst's into the vault which recreates the shortcuts.


    Messy, but it works