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14 years ago

Slow Backups on Vaultstore

Hi guys,   I am using the Enterprise Vault agent (7.0.1) to backup my EV site which is running 9.0.2. All other EV components are getting backed up with normal throughputs. My vault store is resi...
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    14 years ago

    Not sure what you mean about collections interfering with deduplication, are you refering to Single Instance by EV or deduplication by Data Domain?  With EV you can collect files after one day if you want and it will not interfere with OSIS. (Optimized Single Instance Storage)

    That said, 2 hours for 10 GB is horrible!  I couldn't imagine how that would be normal and I would sort that out instead of trying to band-aid with collections.  You might want to ping the NBU forum for some pointers.