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  • EV 8 sp5 is the latest version.

  • Thanks Tony,

    I'm about to implement it but not sure as to what is the beneftis in installing EV 8.0 SP5 when there is no issue at all at the moment with my current EV 8.0 SP4

  • Read the release note of SP5 to know whats new or what all known issues are fixed in SP5.

  • Thanks all for the advice and suggestion,

    I'll perform immediate upgrade tonight.

    Where to get the SP5 file from ?

    Does the user get impacted tomorrow in the morning after I finished upgrading the EV server into SP5 ?

    Do I have to redeploy EV agent in my fileserver again ?

  • Many thanks for the reply and suggestion Amol.

    Hopefully I can push the Agent during the business hours and shouldn't cause any downtime at all.