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7 years ago

SQL Move, Change SQL Server for Fingerprint DB

Hi there,

I am missing the Link for the change of the SQL Server for the fingerprint DB.

I know there was a little script for this, but all the links aren't working for me.

Can anyone please provide this?


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  • That made me dig back through my old old docs!!

    SELECT @vaultStoreGroupName = N'VSG_NAME', -- The name of the Vault Store Group to be moved. This can be found under "Display Name" in the VaultStoreGroup table.
    @fingerprintDBName = N'FPCDB_NAME', -- The name of the database that has been moved to a different SQL server
    @newSQLServerName = N'NEW_SQL_SERVER_NAME' -- The name of the new SQL Server


    ****Edited: **bleep** its only part of the script......will keep lookign through my old docs****