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19 years ago

Stop Client Driven Migration

Using client driven migration, it found a PST and starts to migrate it to EV.
However, during the migration process, I don't want to migrate the PST any more and want to delete the entry, EV prompt that during the process and cannot be delete.
How can I stop to migrate a particular PST when using client driven migration?

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  • This is an old post But there was never a response and I would like to know how to do this? I tried searching but couldnt find another simillar post. We turned on client driven for one of our remote sites but it's hogging so much bandwidth i need to shut it down. I disabled the users for client driven but i stil have  about 20 users whose status is "migrating". I want to just kill it for these people as we are going to import manually now. But i can't change status to "do not migrate" now that it's started.

    Any Ideas?
  • Hi Biohazzard,

    Can you log a new post for your issue, then if you are given the answer you can mark as solved.