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10 years ago

Storage expiry does not obey schedule 9.0.4.

In an EV 9.0.4 deployment the storage expiry task does not obey the schedule once it is running. Since it was not consistently turned on it can run for days without stopping and writing 7085 reports in the event log. A report is created if the storage task is restarted.

I have found which I think descibes my scenario, but can anyone confirm my thinking? Also the technote does not metion a fix release. Was it 9.0.5 or a newer version? I have checked the 9.0.5 release notes and cannot see it, however I know I may be looking for the wrong words.

Help much appreciated.


  • i dont see how the technote you refer to is related to your issue at all

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  • the technote you reference says that a report is not created but i dont see it mention an issue about the expiry process not obeying the configured schedule. 

  • I saw "The Storage Expiry does run properly in the scheduled window." so thought this technote may be relevant. - It is an ambigous way to write it.

    A report is created if the storage task is restarted.

  • Is there any reason why you have not upgraded?  EV 9.0.4 and EV 9.0.5 is at the end of limited support so no more patches or hotfixes will be coming.

    I would highly recommend you get to at least EV 10.0.4


  • Hi Tony,

    Ideally I would like this also. I think the 64bit upgrade is a barrier for most organizations in terms of costs.



  • How so?  Most companies I know of are using virtual EV servers so it is relatively easy to spin up a virtual machine with the required CPU and memory and it is fully supported by Symc.

    I would be interested in understanding more of your companies specific road block.

  • I'm not sure if I can go into too much detail on company specifics.

    I have already mentioned an upgrade however in my initial recommendations for the service, so will see where that takes us.

    I am thinking more and more this technote is a red herring, unless someone can say otherwise. I do see in 9.0.5 there have been performance enhancements to storage expiry. I am waiting to check on DB maintainence as well which could be a key factor in the issues I am seeing. Overall slow performance on storage expiry is the underlining thing reported to me.



  • i dont see how the technote you refer to is related to your issue at all

  • Thanks. I have been speaking with my DBA and it looks like SQL maintainence has been suspended for a long time. I now have a list of things to work on with this EV system which need attention.

    Thanks all.