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13 years ago

Symantec Enterprise Vault Archive Vault backup & Virus Scanning best practice


I'd like to know if it is best practice to do the following:

1. install Antivirus (Symantec End Point Protection), if yes then how to exclude certain things or not recommended at all ?

2. How do you guys backup to tape the Enterprise Vault archive to reuse the disk space so that the Vault is not keeps growing ? my Backup software is EMC Avamar and Networker (to write to tape).

Can anyone please shed some light in this matter. 


  • Yes Dushan. If you go to the properties of the partition, there is a tab called Migration and you can setup the migration to migrate primaray storage (which is what you are running short) to secondary storage. You can look up for the guides on your EV server. This way the data are on the secondary storage and will be recorded in SQL.

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