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7 years ago

Synchronization failed


I have some users got "Synchronization failed" message once he sync VV in outlook. but some of user is success who is using the same policy. below message will show in the client log when synchronization failed. the full log as attached.

May I know how to fix it?

03/05/2018 02:39:49.117[5596][H]: HDR:SYNC:ARC: Synchronization failed (COM error):: 0x80041C69

03/05/2018 02:39:49.176[5596][H]: HDR: Requesting page: ClientDiagnostics.aspx?P=2&MSt=-1&CSt=3&Ci=23484&Td=0&Fa=0&Pa=0&Host=EVPOC5.gcr.geg.local&AId=155687AF743EA5341B4BFE4D9802C44E01110000EVfile&OLVer= error 0x80041C69

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  • Hi Ryan,

    There are several scenarios that can cause this such as a very large amount of folders in the Mailbox or the user has too many shared mailboxes in his Outlook profile.

    I suggest having a look at the ClientDiagnostics.aspx as it typically gives verbose information about the issue.

  • Based on some historical cases, another situation that can cause this symptom is if items are missing from the partition. Maybe run an EVSVR Verify ArchiveObjects SavesetValid against the archive of the particular user having the problem.